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We are a team of insurance professionals with decades of experience.  Our purpose is to satisfy all our customer's insurance needs and keep them in one place. Here at Quick & EZ Insurance, we make everything easier for you.  We have partnered with over 16 companies to shop you around and bring the most competitive prices.

Our Values


We commit to delivering value to our customers by doing the right thing. We do everything within our power to meet the customer's expectations in a fair and ethical manner.


We are always looking to grow as individuals and as a company. We believe that constant growth will help us push forward and excel.

Customer Focus

We are here to provide solutions to our customers. Our customers experience is our center point throughout this process of insurance.


Our continuous improvement will give our customers the best service and options to satisfy their needs.


We strive to help our environment by being a paperless agency and promoting recyclable products and energy.


"Our goal is to make the process of purchasing insurance as easy as possible for you or your business.  We give you the ability to have your commercial, home, and auto insurance all in one place."

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